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Carbon dioxide

The issue of global warming is becoming increasingly common. No wonder, because it concerns each of us. We often imagine that the direct cause of high CO2 concentration is only car exhaust and smoky power plant chimneys, and the responsibility for climate change is transferred to their owners. Please note that the responsibility lies with each of us, producing large amounts of waste, choosing only products that reach us from afar (by sea, land, air), burning waste.

As a responsible manufacturer of natural cosmetics, we promote activities that can bring the desired results if undertaken by every single reader. Let's start with packaging logistics. In 2019, we replaced the cardboard with a thinner one, keeping the packaging flat and ensuring proper use of space. As a result, by ordering one full car of our cartons we reduce the CO2 emissions produced during transport by seventeen times. We have shown it on the graphic below.

The climate issue is very important for every member of our team. That is why we try to travel to work by bicycle or to gather in groups living next to each other and arrive in one car. We choose local suppliers. In our office we surround ourselves with a lot of plants, reducing the CO2 content in the air. We also want to give you this possibility, so we add handmade paper matches with plant seeds to every MOKOSH plant candle. Just tear off the match, place it in the ground and see what will grow in your home or garden.

What you can do yourself to reduce CO2 emissions:

  • choose a bicycle, public transport or drive with colleagues from work
  • surround yourself with plants
  • do not burn the trash and segregate it properly
  • dare to react to environmentally unfavourable behavior in your neighborhood
  • implement green solutions at home, community and work
  • switch off the heating when you are not at home - save electricity
  • choose natural deodorants
  • replace bulbs with energy-saving ones
  • boil only as much water as you really need
  • turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth
  • keep the number of clothes to a minimum but of good quality

What can you do as a company to reduce CO2 emissions:

  • choose local suppliers
  • choose flat packaging for your products - limit the transport of individual products to bulk deliveries from one source
  • take care of the plants in your workplace
  • encourage employees to choose a bicycle as their means of transport
  • sort the waste
  • choose ecological production solutions

Remember that #GroundToDom.

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